Gems Jewellers in Dumfries

Much more user-friendly system now in place for Gems the Jewellers so that staff can edit and update second-hand jewellery stock online quickly and without fuss. Still tender from previous experiences from earlier web and ecommerce solutions, this woocommerce based approach in a wordpress framework is restoring some faith in digital business. Includes some mobile-friendliness […]

Clean photography portfolio theme

Martin McNae, the Dumfries photographer‘s new custom wordpress theme is a child of the Portfolio theme, and is one less legacy Drupal website to worry about. Maintenance of wordpress sites is made much easier with the use of child themes and built-in automatic updating of core files to keep security and performance issues at a […]

Euroroute Recovery AND Garage Services

Euroroute Recovery are now also marketing their Garage Services online, including 3D wheel alignment, rolling road and Hella Gutman diagnostics tool. The custom wordpress site now has a temporary popup to direct visitors to the website to the appropriate service as some will be landing there for either vehicle recovery or one of the garage […]