May 4, 2011


Online Marketing

Facebook pages, apps, twitter feeds, hashtags, linkedin company profiles, google account services, and websites. These can all be configured and managed as part of your online marketing campaign. It’s not all to suit your audience; it has to suit the way your company works. Simple systems: easy to manage, easy to understand.

SEO - dumfries based web marketing services

Social networking possibilities using IT can seem overwhelming, but it can be quick and easy to get set up. Don’t get conned by new horizon businesses who charge you hundreds of pounds just at the mention of facebook, wordpress, or some other IT buzzword, and try to profit by mystifying you with jargon. These things can usually be set up in less than an hour at little or no outlay.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO reporting examines your target keywords, keyword benchmarking, URL structure and website copy. We give meta tag and content structure recommendations as well as other website optimisation techniques as part of phased search engine optimisation.

Depending on the project, we include SEO techniques that will benefit you most, tapping into video, blog, news publishing and press releases, geographical targeting and other factors.

Website Development

Callisti will implement the recommendations from professional consultants and advisors for your website. We will appoint and introduce the best project team of the required scale to make the changes you need for your web project to succeed.

Alternatively we can build your ecommerce or brochure website around sound SEO principles to get the most relevant traffic to your site. No one likes wasting money.

Website Hosting and Management

Callisti specialises in managing websites from the initial web design and build, to developing and maintaining existing websites. We also provide dedicated server website hosting for our website clients for faster page-load and a more reliable service.

We manage your website design needs, CSS stylesheets and XHTML editing, or use Source Code Versioning to safely develop and maintain your browser-based project within your company’s infrastructure.

We provide the right team of project-managed developers and designers, using ASP, .NET, Teamprise, Visual Studio, Photoshop or Flash so that Callisti can mesh with your existing web-based system.

Usability Consultancy

We provide usability consultancy and user testing research services to the standards and benchmarks required by your own ecommerce or corporate environment.

Web Copy and Copywriting

Writing copy for the web is an art in itself but follows accepted principles. It can be hard to capture relevant keywords in your beautiful prose without sullying it! Fortunately we have some experience in this area and can develop web copy with sensitivity to your company’s message and your SEO strategy.

Callisti also provides a range of document preparation services to ensure your documents have the i’s and t’s dotted and crossed.

We can polish the page design and layout of your bids and presentations, copy-edit delicate documents, provide objective proofreading for your proposals, and carry out writing and rewriting as required.

Callisti services are reviewed in the Scottish Borders Directory and are also listed on the FreeIndex directory under Web Site Management.