Dryfesdale Hotel udpates

The latest hotel brochure for the refurbished Dryfesdale Hotel in Lockerbie is now updated. This is a ‘flipping book’ style application so viewers can browse the pages online and enjoy a simulation of what turning actual pages is like. There …

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Saintly Support for Dumfries Rugby

The Dumfries Saints Rugby website is now using a simple customised wordpress theme to help streamline content updates and changes to information but the staff and volunteers. Player Bios and Fixtures are now being updated differently and work is ongoing …

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Gems the Jewellers Dumfries

Customer Care for Dumfries Jewellers

Gems the Jewellers has now successfully transferred management to Callisti for the brochure jewellery website. This current incarnation is a rescue package based on the static output of a proprietary content management system that didn’t suit the customer’s needs and …

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Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 2013

Arts Festival 2013

Remember it’s that time of year again. Clocks have gone forward and it’s BST. The Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival kicks off towards the end of May and some events can be booked online using ticketweb, with the rest available …

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Comlongon.com back home

Well after a protracted spell it’s good to see Comlongon Castle‘s virtual home back on the .com domain, marking it’s international status as an event venue. WebLink provided the appropriate approach in dealing with the content and design from the …

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handmade hammocks 2013

Hammocks revisited

Yet more digital relocations, this time for Handmade Hammocks, still trading but with Glenmore Outdoor Ltd as the new owners. Alongside the nuances of payment gateway transfers and various transitions of ownership, there was the sizable task of ensuring the …

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Content is king at Comlongon Castle

Officially pleased for Comlongon Castle, at least for the search variations around “Scottish Castle Wedding”, “wedding in Scottish Castle”, etc. Featuring strongly (number 1 in cases :)) on google web search, image search, video search. The trick is to follow …

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The snpdumfries.org website has now been re-activated with a different theme and with email posting enabled for selected ‘from’ addresses. Heart Internet provide a facility for setting scheduled tasks on the shared hosting setup so a workaround was possible to …

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